Letter from the Founder

Dear BOW Family,


We are about to embark upon our journey into another amazing year at Blessing Our Women, Inc. As a fellow survivor, I am honored that I can be part of this family and I am truly humbled to be able to lead such an amazing organization toward our goals to help change the world.

Over the past couple years, our organization has only gotten our feet wet by educating about healthy relationships, spreading awareness about domestic violence, and leading preventative programs for victims and survivors. The majority of our volunteers are survivors who have left their domestic violence situations and have decided to dedicate their time and love to help our cause. In return, they have allowed themselves to grow and thrive in their own journey of healing by working on our amazing fundraising campaigns. We could not be where we are today without our amazing volunteers.

As we are coming into a new year, we have a lot to look forward to as an organization. Our BOW family and support networks continue to grow daily with our strong social media presence and empowered survivor sisters. Our goals for 2018 will continue to align with our mission. We will continue to provide guidance through our hosted events.

Our love at BOW spreads, expands, and tunnels into all the hearts and souls of victims and survivors around the world. BOW is an organization unlike any other because it allows victims and survivors to educate themselves, to grow, to shine, and to THRIVE. We provide a safe place to come break your silence, hold hands with your fellow sisters, and move forward in your healing journey. BOW has been blessed with the passion to want to help so many people face their deepest, darkest fears and watch them blossom and bloom into becoming their own heroes. The sisterhood of BOW provides victims and survivors with the honor of being able to stand beside one another and make light of all of their darkness.

So please, take my hand, and walk beside me into the this next year at BOW. Together, we can conquer the world, break our silence, and kiss domestic violence GOODBYE.

With Love,

Nydia S. Wells, Founder of Blessing Our Women, Inc.

BOW, Inc. strives to:


  • Increase Awareness
  • Empower Victims
  • Work for Change

The vision of Blessing Our Women, Inc. is to be part of a community in which domestic and partner violence is eradicated FOR everyone, BY everyone. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Blessing Our Women, Inc. is to increase awareness of domestic violence and its effect on the community, to empower those victimized by providing advocacy and safe & effective services, and to work for social change designed to eliminate domestic violence. We are here to empower, promote and support all women and their families.

Value Statement

Demonstrating the highest standards of integrity while treating all persons with respect and consideration regardless of race, color, age, gender, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disability, marital or family status, or sexual orientation, in fulfillment of our mission.

Blessing Our Women, Inc. will

develop and facilitate relevant community education, intervention, and prevention programs for adults and youth of all ages;

offer advocacy with community resources, in addition to shelter, counseling, and meaningful support services designed to empower survivors to make their own informed choices;

advocate for the rights of victims while actively working to make positive changes in societal responses to domestic and partner violence.

Still Standing

Save the Date ... Saturday 9/29/2018

11:30 am - 4:00 pm

So after all that I've been through, thank you Jesus "I am still standing"! How many of you don't know how you made it to today but are grateful to still be here? Well I don't know about you but, thank God I made it and I know it was only the grace of God that kept me here. Therefore, I am here to spread the word and help whomever I can. I want to share my experiences, my stories (yes more than one), my strategies, etc. Maybe I can encourage you or someone you know that love is not pain. Love shouldn't hurt! Come on out, get this knowledge & have some lunch too! Oh and we will also have a little entertainment for you so please don't miss this event!!!

2nd Annual Purple Passion Luncheon

Yep,  that's right. We are back for round two. The Purple Passion Luncheon themed "Still Standing"...planning is in full affect! Testimonies in store for you...are you coming?

Super Success

Last years' event was a super success. It was amazing! Check out the pictures.

When I tell you everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I was so ready to quit, cancel, not go, etc. But God wouldn't let me. When I say not go, honey ... I was so discouraged till I was late! But people were still there. I walked in the door and dropped a pan of food, but I had more! Somebody was supposed to come back with my drinks but never did. My host did not show up. None of my entertainment showed up. I could go on but God, but God, but God! God said let's get this thing done. God said just show up and I'll take it from there! God said whoever needs to be here will be here! So I listened. I showed up and it was amazing! If it turned out like that without being completely prepared, I wonder what will happen when I am prepared! I've been planning since I walked out that door, so I promise you do not want to miss it this time around. 


$15 Early Bird Special ... April 1st - May 12th.

$20 ... Regular priced tickets starting May 13th

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